Quarterback Readiness: Big 10 West

I will be judging the readiness on a scale of ice cold to boiling hot.

Illinois – Chayce Crouch R-So

Chayce Crouch is not a proven passer, after only throwing the ball 32 times in 4 games last year. But, he fits in Garrick McGee’s fast-paced read option offensive system. His biggest upside is his legs, which was showed spectacuarly with 137 rushing yards against Purdue last year. Illini fans can only hope that McGee can get similar production with the offense like he did with Lamar Jackson and Louisville. With stud running back, Kendrick Foster returning this has a chance of being a potent offense. The O-line hasnt played many snaps together, but hopefully spring and summer practices have helped build confidence in the line.

Readiness Scale: Luke Warm

Iowa – Still Undecided.

Iowa had a diamond in the cornfeild with C.J. Beathard, who was drafted to San Francisco. But with a bitmore than 2 weeks till the season, there is no word of who the starter may be. Since the spring, it has been Nate Stanley’s job to lose. Stanley is a pro-style QB, but only saw limited action in 7 games and only throwing for 62 yards. Tyler Weigers a redshirt sophomore is in a similar position, but hasnt seem action since the 2015 season. This is a rough look for Iowa, who held their own for the past couple years.

Readiness Scale: Slush

Minnesota – Undecided

With P.J. Fleck coming in and Mitch Leidner graduating, it will be a huge change in the minnesota offence. Much like Iowa, the Gophers are trying to pick between two QB’s, 5th year Conor Rhoda and redshirt sophomore Demry Croft. P.J. Fleck still doesnt have a clear cut answer, but has said that he wants to pick one, but has yet to see any separation between the two.

Readiness Scale: Ice Cold

Nebraska – Tanner Lee R-Jr./ Tr.

The transfer from Tulane was name the starting QB last Spring. This honestly is a lot to bet on. After living in Nebraska duuring football season, and watching Tommy Armstrong theard the needle to Jordan Westerkamp, the cornhusker QB is a heavily scrutinized position. Husker fans are going to demand a lot from the passer. After being highly regarded in Tulane, he failed to live up to the hype. Lee has huge shoes to fill and high expectations from the 100,000 fans that show up for gameday every Saturday.

Readiness Scale: Lukewarm

Northwestern – Clayton Thorson R Jr.

This will be Thorson 3rd season as starter for the Wildcats. He threw for 17 touchdown and 5 interceptions in the last 9 games of the season and posted excellent numbers agaisnt Big Ten opponents. If all goes and planned and the Wildcats produce as they have been, Thorson should have another successfull year.

Readiness Scale: Boiling

Purdue – David Blough R Jr.

Purdue has been going through a lot of qarterback in the last couple years. A lot of this has to do with terrible coaches. But with Jeff Brohm coming to West Lafayette from Western Kentucky in the off season, starting QB David Blough finaly has a competant coach on the sideline. That doesn’t mean much though. Blough led the Big 10 in passing yards with 3,352, but also led in interceptions with 21. Blough may be starting, but if he continues to throw INT’s expect the carousel to start again, especially with a new coach at the helm. Purdue has 5 scholarship QB’s on the bench and 3 walk-ons.


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