Tigers to Kendrick Lamar, Here is Your Weekend CFB News Round Up

With 5 days to go until the season begins, there is a lot of news that is building up to the season. And no, Harbaugh still has not released his line up.

James Franklin Agrees to Monster Deal (Source: BR)

News broke late Friday that James Franklin has accepted a new 6-year contract extension thatwill pay him almost $5.8 million dollars a year. This makes him the 3rd highest paid coach inthe Big 10. I have been touting the re-emergence of Penn State this year with start QB Trace McSorley and star RB Saquon Barkley. This news not only confirms my confidence in Penn State’s 2017 roster, but it seems that the Athletic Departments views positively the direction that James Franklin is taking the team.

Indiana’s Bryant Fitzgerald ruled ineligible for 2017 due to university compliance mistake (Source: SB Nation)

Bryant Fitzgerald, a true freshman out of Indianapolis, Indiana, was supposed to be one of Indiana’s most impactful freshman. Coach Tom Allen wanted to use the freshman in his rotation for one of the best secondaries in the Big 10. It seems that Indiana has taken full responsibility for the inegibility. Fitzgerald was incorrectly guided as he was obtaining his academic eligibility for the 2017 season. Since it was no fault of the student, a NCAA waiver was filed, but denied (Shocker!). I guess one good thing out of this is that Fitzgerald has full eligibility and will retain all scholarships and student-athlete support.

LSU has a New Mike the Tiger (Source: WBRZ)

After the passing of Mike VI last October, LSU announced that it was searching for a tiger to be introduced with the Freshman class of 2017. Mike VII, a 11 month old Bengal-Siberian tiger was donated to the school by a sanctuary in Okeechobee, Florida. Mike VII, althogh will not visit Tiger Stadium, but instead visit will live in a Tiger Sanctuary. The last time a new tiger arrived, LSU win the BCS national championship. Can Coach O motivate his new tiger team to do the same?

Mike Riley Cancels Practice So His Players Can Go to a Kendrick Lamar Concert (Source: Barstool Sports)

I have been in Nebraska during football season, and I am sure fans are not happy about this. There are 12 days left till the season for Nebraska and these guys already got a day off? If you didn’t know, there are 0 professional teams in the Cornhusker State. Of the things Nebraksa fans need to live,  Husker Football is at the top. And Mike Riley’s job is the most scrutinized position in the state. If Riley’s team has a season where they lose to rival Iowa 10-40 again, expect this to be a reason fans point to why Riley’s head should roll. The team is starting out of the Top 25 again, and fans are not happy.

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