Florida Gators Off to a Hot Start in 2017

Its 2 days till Week 0 kicks offs and 9 days till opening weekend. Last week we had suspensions for a few Florida players. Yesterday, we all suspected coach Jim McElwain was playing mind tricks on John Harbaugh. And like I said, dont play games with Harbaugh, because he will always win. And some how the football gods did just that.

We have more news coming from Gainsville, and if you are a Gator’s fan, best stop reading now and enjoy the rest of your thursday, or you know, scream “fake news”. First, according to the Orlando Sentenial, there is actually a QB controversy for Florida, and the QB’s are not happy. Graduate trasfer from Notre Dame said that although he doesnt agree with the decision, he will do what the coach says. RS Junior Lke Del Rio doesnt see any rythem being developed and has made practices difficult.

Did I call it or what? Time to bump this QB readiness rating to colder than those ice cold Coors Lights people will be drinking in Gainsville on game day. Moral: Never play games with Harbaugh. If you are putting money on Michigan, bet on them to beat the spread.

The other news, Ventrell Miller and James Robinson were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana on Monday after being caught in their dorm room. Miller was already suspended for the Michigan game. Robinson was removed from the radar of evey P5 team after a weed bus during an official visit to Ohio State. If I was Lane Kiffin, I would sccop these two right away.

Not a good week for Florida. This is after being ranked 17 in AP’s poll.

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