Rating the Best and Worst Footballs Uniforms for 2017

Today ESPN released their preview of the uniforms for the 2017 season, here are some of the best.



Of all the Adidas uniforms released this year, this was the only one I liked and they brought down the house. The crimson and the script lettering being it all together. See these September 23rd vs Georgia Southern.

Notre Dame

Although we wont be seeing these on the feild. This just shows class. Notre Dame means business this year.


Cal’s move to Under Armor paid off. Great classic look. Love the shoulder stripes and the new pants. Hopefully Cal and puttogether a great product on the field this year to pair with these great uniforms.


Texas Tech

After changing the letters on the jersey from last year, the 2017 jersey looks like a Walmart Brand knock off.

Western Michigan

P.J. Fleck rowed away to Minnesota after last season. Apparently he took all sense of style with him. Like I said, Adidas dropped the ball last year after giving them some great uniforms in 2016.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 01 Western Michigan at Ball State

San Jose State

Ugly. The solid blue unis were great. They stood out and the basic look fitted SJSU. Adidas dropping the ball again. And what is that? A basketball net on the jersey? Not a good visual.

Other changes arcoss the nation included raised neck lettering, feild changes and the addition and removal os stripes.

2 Days left till kick off, cant wait!

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