Football. Is. Back.

15 games tonight. 8 games tomorrow night. Too many games to count on your hands on Saturday. We did start last week with #14 Stanford man-handling Rice and 2 very exciting games between SJSU and #19 South Florida and Hawaii and U Mass. See my Weekend Betting Preview here.

College football is one of the most exciting times of the year. There are gameday rituals, traditions and that unique school spirit every team brings. There are cross state rivalries, cross country rivalries, and trophies that exist for no reason at all (Looking at you UCF/UCONN). There is just so much passion in these games it all needs to be blogged down.

That is why i created this blog. I know there are a lot more out there, but hopefully you get a different prespective on the 2017 college football season. I will be ramping up my blogs and will try to produce content every day for you all to enjoy.

So here is what you should expect for daily blogs:

Sunday: Gameday Review – recaps of the keynote games and exciting headlines from the entire day.

Monday: AP 25 Review

Tuesday: Things you missed – News and other topics that were notable that shouold be talked about.

Wednesday: Weekend Betting Preview – who yo should bet on to get the most money back.

Thursday: Illinois Football Preview – As an Illinois fan I will review our up coming game.

Friday: Heisman Watch

Saturday: No blog, but constant content on my twitter.

There will also be notable articles that deserve their own blogs, and that will be as headlines appear.

So for today’s games, I think the most enticing matchups are 1)Tulsa at #15 Oklahoma State. Place your bets on the over. Tulsa was the 4th best offense in 2016 and OkState doesnt have a very good D. Expect a shootout. And 2) OSU/IU. Gameday is there and it shoul dbe a fun game to watch. But stay away from betting on this game. If youo must, just take the Ohio State moneyline.

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