ICYMI: Sights and Sounds from Week 4 of CFB

Week 4 had a lot of great touch down runs and deep throws but a squirrel had the best run of the night.

NC State WR puts a defender on skates on the way to a win over Florida State.
Virginia QB Kurt Benkert had a 64-yard bomb to Andre Levrone for a TD over Boise State.

Texas A&M Christian Kirk takes it to the house on a kickoff at Jerry’s World.

Georgia Bulldogs runs a flea flicker on the first drive on the way to be the alpha dogs over Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Bama does Bama things.

Bama also won 59-0 last night. Never ask to play Bama.


Utah State WR makes a one-handed catch in a rout of SJSU.

Akrum Wadley had a massive run to bring Iowa close to striking range.


Saquan Barkley has his Heisman moment.

But Trace McSorely silenced the crowd with this game winning walk off TD at Kinnick to cap off a massive 80 YD drive.

Penn State’s TD over Iowa was great, but this catch is goat. Rutgers WR’s are known to not use their hands, however, this WR didn’t need his hands to make the catch.

Big TD’s is why I watch football and what makes it exciting. But traditions (old and new) is what makes college football great. Iowa’s new tradition of waving at the Children’s Hospital at the end of the first quarter is beautiful.

But we all know college football is an amateur sport. So as amateurs, things like this happen.

This is a current representation of OkState’s season.

It was a great day for college football. Tune back in next week.

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