The Last Snap is Growing.

As the NBA, NHL, and College Basketball start up and the MLB starts the playoffs in October,  we will be starting to cover those sports. Expect more news stories, more rankings, more content and a different opinion on the sports world.

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As a note, we have been averaging around 20 page views a day. I know this may not sound like much, but having a full time job and running this blog, gives me limited time to post blogs. That being said, this has surpassed my expectations and gives me the motivation to write daily (I know I have missed a few days). I truly have a passion to continue covering sports and it really gets me excited anytime somebody reads this content.

As this blog grows, I really hope to continue giving you the best content that will keep you coming back and grow this into something special. It’s barely been two months since starting this and its only going to continue getting better.

Thanks for the support.

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