ICYMI: College Football National Championship as Told in GIFs

Oh boy. What a game. Alabama beat Georgia 26-23 in overtime for Nick Saban’s 6th National Championship. Best of all, all three of our bets hit. In case you missed it, here is the National Championship as told in GIFs (and some tweets, pictures and videos for context).

Let’s start by noting that our President got a warm welcome to Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the National Championship game.

But did he really know the lyrics to the national anthem?

Alabama started out hot, intercepting a pass from Jake Fromm in the first series of the game.

Alabama moves it into the Red zone, but kicker Andy Pappanastos shanks a FG, which went something like this.

Georgia gets the ball falling the turnover on downs and slowly moves the ball down the field and hits a field goal to start the 2nd quarter.

Jalen Hurts has some great runs,

but Alabama and Georgia would trade drives. Georgia would hit another FG and score a TD, going up 13-0 at the half. Nick Saban was definitely mad.

Alabama’s scoreless first half prompted a QB change and Alabama’s defense comes out strong. Honestly, Saban benching his full-season starting QB in the national championship after one bad half for a true freshmen is the most Nick Saban thing ive ever seen. Freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa stuns the Dawg defense and finally puts Alabama on the board, these two plays sum it up.

But Jake Fromm says, anything you can do, I can do better. Jake Fromm , shows his arm strength on a 80 yard TD bomb.

Possible missed call, ESPN will have 10000 takes on it today.

Tua Tagovailoa throws a pick on the ensuing drive, naturally, Saban was pissed.

But, like last time, Jake Fromm says, hold my beer and hands the ball back.

With the national championship on the line, things start to heat up. First, on the Bama sideline,

Then a player collapses on the Bama sideline.

Georgia manages to get it to mid field, but Fromm is sacked. Alabama scores a FG on the following drive. Saban is going full devil mode right now.

With 4 minutes to go, Tagovailoa hits Calvin Ridley to tie the game at 20.

Georgia can’t do anything and give it back to Alabama with 3 minutes left on the clock. Bama gets it to the Georgia 16 with 6 seconds left to play. Pappanastos is called once again to kick. Remember that missed FG, well, this happened.

Anyways. Overtime.

The Ref didn’t probably mean it, but we all know that UCF are the real champions this year.

Georgia’s Blankenship hits yet another FG. But with no reason to go to the kicker, Bama goes for the TD to win the game.

What a finish.

Side Note: Jake Fromm is a hell of a player. Probably the best QB if CFB next year.

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