Texas Football Makes a Rap Video For It’s New Class and It’s… Interesting

Now, if you follow football at the slightest, you know Texas loves their football. If you grew up in Texas, Friday was high school ball, Saturday’s were for the boys at universities like UT Austin, TCU, A&M and Tech and Sundays were for the Cowboys and Texans. But the support for UT football is like none other. Their fans are passionate, loyal and buy season tickets every year, despite the team disappointing the state of Texas year after year for the better part of the last decade. But with the recent Top 25 ranking, and a Top 25 recruiting class, Tom Herman and Co. have created a rap song, that features every one of their new recruits. Take a look:

This is the classic definition of Texas is back. Running high of a disappointing season, coming up with a great recruiting class and getting ranked 200 days before the season starts. The smells of the sticky late summer heat, barbecue and freshly cracked beers start coming back, don’t they. From today till Labor Day, we will be constantly reminded how Texas will be better this year and win the Big 12. I am excited for the “hook-em” posts, SportsCenter segments and every sports blog on the internet debating if Texas is back, only to look back at this moment in late December wondering where it all went wrong.

Texas is back folks. Get Excited.

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