Conference USA Tournament or AAU Tournament? You Pick.

Well this is just sad. As somebody that has gone through the AAU circuit, REC League, Intramural leagues in college and now coach for the AAU, there is some nostalgia in playing in side by side games, with a curtain separating the court. For years I played in warehouses, sideways in high school gyms and on multi courts. And every basketball player knows that this is standard for tournaments. But this setup is for the Conference USA tournament that kicks off tomorrow, on Facebook Live. Absolutely pathetic.


This does bring up a serious question. What if the round of 64 was setup like this. All 32 games going on at the same time under the same roof. We have Mike Krzyzewski, Bob Stoops, Tom Izzo, Bill Self and the like all under one roof, sweating and coaching at the same time. The electricity would be WILD. Give me an all 64 sky cam look on CBS and my eyes would be actually glued to the screen. It would be like the Red Zone Channel on steroids. Maybe Conference USA is just ahead of schedule.  Just a thought.


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