Your Betting Guide on the National Championship Game

Here we are. 62 games, 21 days, 3 weekends and 1 Cinderella later, the National Championship game has finally arrived between the Michigan Wolverines and the Villanova Wildcats. If you had read my last few blogs on March Madness, I previewed what I had thought of each team, I had Michigan losing to Providence in theĀ second round. Michigan has now not lost a game in 2 months and is primed for the national championship. Villanova slipped late in the season but has rebounded and won most of their last 10 games by 20 or more points. Michigan is one of the best defensive teams in the nation and Villanova, as we saw on Saturday night, is the best offensive teams in the country. This will be a very good game, and for those looking to hit the books, here are the lines you should put your money on.

Michigan +7

Villanova is hot and their entire team is involved in their offense. There was a time in the Michigan/Loyola game where an undersized, well coached Rambler squad was up by 10 against the Wolverines. Michigan was about to climb back and go on a 19 point swing, but that was in large part due to the inexperience on Loyola’s team. Nova was in this exact game 2 years ago and win the natty. This game should go into the free throw game in the last 2 minutes, Villanova wins, but Michigan covers.

Over -145

Ride the streak. Nova has score 80 points or more in 30 games this season and is the best offensive team in the country. The entire starting line up and the 6th man on Nova can shoot the 3. The Wildcats shoot the 3 50% of the times, make 40% of the threes attempted and 38% of all baskets made by Nova are 3s. Best part of this line, Nova allows a lot of points, at 125th in the nation. But, if you want to bet halves, in case Michigan makes a first half adjustment, theĀ 1H Over at 67.5 is a perfectly good bet.


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