Morning Grinders: May 8th

I was going to write a blog for yesterday, but the San Jose blow out loss to Las Vegas in the Western Conference Semi’s really put a dent in my motivation. But none the less the sports world continues to move forward so here is today’s Morning Grinders. I have changed up the format. Since this is a football oriented blog, lets keep the topics on football.

College Football

Greg Mclroy thinks Alabama, Georgia, Clemson and Auburn would have beat UCF in the CFP. And now what was a meme has come all the way around and is really getting to the heads of Power 5 conferences, especially the perennial favorites. Last week UCF officially got their national championship rings and had a parade at Disney and this has officially triggered the big guys. However, Mclroy does speak some truth. Alabama and Georgia would have probably beat UCF, but a middle of the pack team like Scott Frost’s new team, Nebraska, probably would have lost.

In a wild move, University of Incarnate Word installs a camo turf in the end zone.

Boise State has its its iconic blue turf and UIW has this abomination. UIW went 1-10 in their 9th season playing football. The team has a total record of 30-67 in 9 years with a home record of 20-29, so maybe confusing their opponents could be beneficial. Running this play just got easier.


Last week Atlanta QB Matt Ryan signed an $150 million contract extension and now the football world waits for Aaron Rodgers to sign his extension. Aaron Rodgers was the highest paid man when he signed a 5-year extension in 2013. This off season San Francisco shelled out big money and signed Jimmy Garopollo to a 5-year $137.5 million contract and Washington picked up Alex Smith for a 5-year $94 million contract. Expect higher numbers for Rodgers, he’ll probably be the highest paid man in the NFL again.

49er Linebacker Reuben Foster’s domestic abuse story continues to heat up with allegations that he threw his ex-girlfriend’s dog across the room, ProFootballTalk reports. Foster has already been charged with 3 felonies for assaulting his ex and is due in court today. As a fan, this whole situation has me hurting. The first-round draft pick was supposed to be a cog in our defense and a replacement for Aldon Smith, who was let go for his own legal troubles. This story has been full of ups and downs but this latest story of throwing a dog is clearly over the edge. But I’ll continue to follow this cast as it develops.

In more uplifting news, SBNation’s Field Gulls, had an interesting study on the relationship between punting and winning in the NFL. Based on the baseball sabermetric, WAR, Field Gulls looked at the statistical analysis of a punter’s WAR in the NFL. A very interesting read for those interested in the crossing of statistics and sports.

Around the Sports World

NBA Playoffs

Monday Results:

76er’s defeats Boston 103-92 in a win or go home Game 4.

The Cavs swept Toronto again to reach the Eastern Conference finals for the 4th year in a row.

Tuesday Games:

Houston (-12) at Utah, 7 PM CST, TNT

New Orleans at Golden State (-11.5), 9:30 PM CST, TNT

NHL Playoffs

Monday Results:

Capitals beat Pittsburgh to reach the Eastern Conference finals, becoming the first DC team to reach the final 4.

Predators beat the Jets 4-0 to send the series back to Nashville for game 7

Tuesday Games:

No games.

Goal for this week is to make sure I actually write every day. Share, comment or tweet me things you want me to write on. Have news tip? Send an email to

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