Morning Grinders: May 10th

Thursday is always a nice day. The weekend is almost here. There is nothing better than playing some beer-league softball after work and then hitting the local bar for post game drinks. So apologies in advance if tomorrow’s blog is shorter than the usual.

College Football

Now Mike Leach is one of the most interesting coaches in college football. He often goes on long tangents and his idiosyncrasies are pretty laughable. Case in point:

Now Mike Leach has some how strayed more than a half mile off his walking path. Leach has joined Washington lawmakers in Cambodia in this time between football work outs and during the non-contact period. There were surely some language barriers between Leach and Cambodian government officials, because there is no way Leach speaks a lick of Cambodian. But his comedic character and general goofiness probably made it easy to break the ice.

Former Ohio State QB, Joe Burrow, is looking to transfer after graduating. The former 4-star recruit played behind J.T. Barrett during his time at Ohio State, only seeing action 5 times in 4 years. Florida, Iowa State, Nebraska, UCLA, Texas, LSU, Cincinnati and Ohio are currently top targets. As a lover of the MAC, I would love to see Burrow at Ohio. Why not?

  1. The MAC is a passing heavy league and the defenses are terrible
  2. The MAC has produced a fair share of QB’s that are now in the NFL, notably Ben Roethlisberger, Julian Edelman (albeit he is now a WR) and Chad Pennington
  3. Athens is a mid major school so athletics are a bit more lax than say LSU or Texas.
  4. Athens, OH parties

Although we are currently in a non-contact period with recruits, there is one croot that we need to talk about. Hailing from Louisville, KY, Kiyaunta Goodwin is a 6′ 7″ 370 behemoth, and he is only in 8th grade. Now I coach a 6th grade basketball team and my teams average height and weight is probably 5’3″ and a 100 lbs. Even me, a full grown man would be dwarfed by this 8th grader. This guy has already been offered to play at Georgia, Louisville, Kentucky and other local programs. Not weird since the kid can bench 315 lbs and leg press 1,000 lbs in 8th grade. Goodwin is still growing and with 4 years of high school ball, he would be a formidable offensive lineman in the NFL. Expect a lot more news about this kid in the next 4 years.


In an update on Mark Ingram from yesterday, his appeal has already been heard and denied. This is among reports that Ingram has also asked for a new contract. Real bold move by the running back that is suspended for the first 4 games of the season. If Alvin Kamara does well in those games, Ingram’s career will probably be over. Not the outcome Ingram though would happen.

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was in court yesterday, and USA Today reports that the charges are on the way to being dropped due to the accuser recanting her claims. Foster has plead not guilty, and has another hearing next week. The case is incredibly murky, but it is looking in favor of Foster. Fans of the Niners should still hold their breath because we won’t know the result of this case until later this summer.

In more uplifting news Chicago Linebacker and 1st round draft pick, Roquan Smith has recovered most of his items that were stolen when his 2018 BMW X5 was broken into in Athens, Georgia. What wasn’t recovered was the Bear’s iPad with the entire playbook. I have a few problems with this story. I know Smith has a guaranteed contract of $480,000 and will probably make a few million dollars when he signs his rookie contract, but who leaves a brand new Beemer in a college campus parking lot filled with a natty jersey, helmets and awards. It’s like Smith was asking to be stolen from. Also with the NFL all in on the Microsoft Surface ad deal, what are the Bears doing handing out iPads?

Around the Sports World

NBA Playoffs

Wednesday’s Results:

Boston beat Philly as the process finally ended. Boston now has a rematch with LeBron and the Cavs on Sunday night.

Tonight’s Games:

No Games

NHL Playoffs

Wednesday’s Results:

No games

Tonight’s Games:

Winnipeg at Nashville (-1.5), 7 PM CST, NBCSN

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