Morning Grinders: May 11th

Friday is here. It’s finally the weekend, so let’s get weird.

College Football

Spring Football is done and Sports Illustrated has put out its way-too-early-post-spring-football Top 25. As always Alabama is first, followed by Clemson, Ohio State, Washington and Wisconsin. Of the Top 5, Washington is the most surprising, losing star WR Dante Pettis to the draft. But the Huskies have senior QB Jake Browning and senior RB Myles Gaskin. Washington went 10-3 last year and 7-2 in the conference and only barely missing the Pac-12 championship. Other surprises in the Top 25 include, Baker Mayfield less Oklahoma at #7, Scott Frost less UCF at #14, and FAU at #24.

Florida Gator’s recruit Justin Watkins, was arrested early Wednesday after an altercation with a female. The 4 star recruit had signed with Florida during the signing period in February. This is just weeks before graduation and the start of summer football. I’m sure nothing with come of this and Watkins will not spend any time in jail. But it never a good look to start off your college career like this. Even if Florida drops him from the program, good thing there are places like EMCC from Last Chance U that gives a chance to kids like Watkins.


Big news in the NFL today. Detroit Lions Head Coach, Matt Patricia, was the subject of a criminal charge involving sexual assault that happened 22 years ago on Spring Break in Texas. The NFL, Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions and Bill Belichick have all supported Patricia and the NFL is looking into the matter. Honestly this sucks for everybody involved. Patricia is a fantastic coach and is very deserving of the Lions HC position. He has been in the limelight winning Superbowls with the Patriots and this is only coming out now.  There is no possibly spin that makes this a happy story for anybody involved. However, this is news pertaining to football and must be discussed. I will keep you updated.

Around the Sports World

NBA Playoffs

Thursday’s Results:

No Games

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NHL Playoffs

Thursday’s Results:

Winnipeg beats Nashville 5-1 in game 7 and will face Las Vegas in the Western Conference Finals.

Tonight’s Games:

No Games

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