Morning Grinders: 100 Days Till Kickoff

Its almost Friday and its 100 days left till kick off. It’s not even Memorial Day yet and I am already getting excited for Labor Day weekend and the start of College Football.

College Football

Texas will play Alabama in a home and home series in 2025 and 2026. Texas leads the series 7-1-1 and has only played the against the Tide in bowl games since 1915. I can see the headlines already. Texas will be ranked in the Top 10 and Alabama will be ranked in the Top 3 after week 1. Texas fans won’t stop talking about how back Texas leading up to the game, only to get obliterated by a 7 foot-300 lb defensive back. Texas will fall down to #24 and go on to be the mediocre team Texas fans have grown to love in 2025. Alabama will climb to #1 in the rankings and hold that spot for the rest of the season, solely because of their “Top 10 win against Texas” and make the CFP for the 11th straight season. The next season comes around, and Texas is ranked once again, only to have their hearts ripped out by Alabama. Honestly though, good move the Longhorns, they actually scheduled a game against the national champion, while at the same time dropping a 2023 home game against UCF.

As we reported earlier, Former Ohio State QB Joe Burrow is trying to figure out where to transfer next year. He will visit North Carolina the week and hopefully we have a decision soon. Burrow still has 2 years of eligibility as a grad transfer and is one of the best transfers still remaining in the field. LSU, Cincinnati and UNC are Burrow’s top choices.

CBS released its 2018 schedule rankings for the BIG 10. There are a few teams with favorable schedules for goals the team has this year.

  • #2 Michigan
    • OOC: Notre Dame, Western Michigan, SMU
    • Home: Nebraska, Wisconsin, Penn State, Maryland, Indiana
    • Away: Northwestern, Michigan State, Ohio State, Rutgers
    • Michigan wants to impress on the national stage and Harbaugh wants his chance at the National Championship. This is a tough road schedule, with Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State coming in the final 7 weeks. Perfect chance for the Wolverines to make it to the top, if they win.
  • #4 Northwestern
    • OOC: Duke, Akron, Notre Dame
    • Home: Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Notre Dame,
    • Away: Purdue, Michigan State, Rutgers, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois
    • Northwestern can legitimately challenge Wisconsin for the B1G West crown. The Wildcats have a very favorable schedule at home, especially if they get 11 AM starts. This tough schedule will definitely propel them up the rankings. If the B1GCCG is on the line, a playoff big could be possible.
  • #12 Illinois
    • OOC: Kent State, Western Illinois, South Florida
    • Home: Penn State, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern
    • Away: Rutgers, Wisconsin, Maryland, Nebraska
    • Illinois is a young team going under a huge rebuild. Not expecting much from this squad, but what a lucky schedule. With only 4 road games this year and 1 in Chicago, Illinois has a chance to continue developing as a team while getting a chance to play tough teams in Penn State, USF, Iowa and Northwestern at home. If Illinois comes out 6-6 and makes a bowl, this season will be a success.

Around the Sports World

NBA Playoffs:

Wednesday’s Results:

Houston evened the series with Golden State 127 -102, surviving a 38 point night by Kevin Durant.

Tonight’s Games:

No Games

NHL Playoffs

Wednesday’s Results:

Las Vegas beat Winnipeg 3-2 and evened the series.

Tonight’s Games:

Tampa Bay at Washington, Line: Washington -115, 7 PM CST NBCS

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