Nothing Better Than an Preseason Weightlifting Battle Between Teams Across the Country

Anybody that lifts weights about the 1000 pound club. And anybody that played high school football knows about the weightlifting competitions that happens inside the team weight rooms. But that’s where the power of the internet comes in. Today we have two teams throwing shade at each other from the power of the locker room.

First there was a Texas Linemen, squatting 700 pounds.

Then there was a Nebraska Linemen squatting 765 pounds three times.

There is something in the Midwest that gets these boys ready to play. No amount of Longhorn steak that will put pounds on faster than the Nebraska corn. Every DB in the B1G better watch out for Tanner Farmer. Scott Frost clearly has his Huskers on the right path. There was no way the Cornhuskers were doing these lifts under Mike Riley.

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