Welcome to Season 2.

Welcome to season 2 of The Last Final Snap. Well first of you must have noticed some changes. I bought my own domain, I changed our name and and have made a new home page to present our content. With 25 days left till the kickoff between Prairie View and Rice University on August 25th, I will be introducing you to daily content to prepare yourself and your wallets for the excitement that is College Football. I want to grow the Final Snap to be your hub for college football this season. I will give you the stats, the highlights and commentary to own Saturday morning tailgates and Monday morning water cooler talks and hopefully give you the necessary picks to be able to earn some change on the side.

So what should you expect in the next 25 days? A comprehensive preview of the AP Top 25, the Big 10, a way too early Heisman watch and as we did last year, a jersey watch.

As always comment below, follow me @MihirChavan_ on Twitter and let me know what you want from me this season.

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