Texas Tech Transfer Blames Weather for Health Issues, Receives Eligibility Waiver

Former Oregon State QB/reciever Seth Collins has cited that the weather in Corvallis, Oregon was the cause of his health related issues that kept him off the field last season. This excuse granting him an eligibility waiver to play immediately for Texas Tech. Here is the report from Oregon Live.

Former Oregon State quarterback/receiver Seth Collins says living in Corvallis contributed to his health problems, a case he successfully made in landing an NCAA eligibility waiver that allows him to play at Texas Tech this season.

With the amount of wildfires in the west coast this makes sense. The Cal/Wazzu game was almost cancelled last year due to the wildfires.

During his three-year tenure at Oregon State, Collins was sidelined by mononucleosis, bacterial meningitis as well as a broken finger. Collins asked for, and received his release from the Beavers program last December.

Yea right. Collins got mono because of “weather”.  I guess it was a moist environment.

Collins then transferred to Texas Tech, where he is eligible to play this season, rather than having to sit out a season, after winning a request from the NCAA for a health-related waiver. Collins’ case was largely based on a claim that Corvallis’ weather climate impacted his health.

“The environment, the weather, the temperature – all that in Corvallis, Oregon – it wasn’t good for my immune system and all that, so health-wise it wasn’t good for me to be there,” Collins told the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

“It was just numerous different health things. I felt like it was the weather, the environment. Mentally, physically, it wasn’t healthy.”

THE NCAA BOUGHT IT! Players were not allowed to participate in college football due to a monetized YouTube channel. But a player blames the weather for his mono and he can play right away. OK.

Collins, a 6-foot-3 junior, plays inside receiver for the Red Raiders.

Collins was a headliner among Gary Andersen’s first Oregon State recruiting class in 2015. He was immediately put into action, starting at quarterback for the Beavers’ first six games as a freshman. Andersen decided to go in a different direction at quarterback, and Collins transferred to Northern Illinois following the 2015 season, only to return to the Beavers later in 2016 to play receiver.

Collins then suffered from a bout with meningitis, then last season played in just three games before sitting out the second half of the season with mononucleosis.

Seems like this is a good break for the Oregon State and Collins. Clearly he didn’t want to be a part of the team and the baggage he carries is not good for a struggling football team.

But yea, of all of the reasons he needed to leave Oregon State, weather was the one he needed. But WAIT there is more.

On the same day Collins was granted his release from the Oregon State football team, he was charged with a fourth-degree assault of a 19-year-old woman, a misdemeanor.

Perfect. Mono, meningitis, a broken finger are the reasons Collins told the NCAA. But the real reason lies at the bottom of the article. I don’t think you can chalk up Collins leaving the program due to “environment” or “weather”.

What a pansy. Guess you can call him a… wait for it… fair weather player.

I’ll see myself out.


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