Urban Meyer Says He Is Sorry, What More Do You Want?

Meyer said he was sorry and is suspended for three games. Oregon State. Rutgers. TCU. That is it.

Urban Meyer knew about the abuse. Urban Meyer didn’t do enough and kept Zach Smith on the sidelines for the last 3 years. For all the progress that has been made socially in this country, especially in reducing violence against women and domestic abuse, this suspension seems out of place.

Meyer’s legacy will not be tarnished. If given the chance Ohio State will still make the playoffs and this will be nothing but a small dent in Urban Meyer’s legacy. Ohio State will still have a chance for the playoffs and this whole thing will be shoved inside a casket and thrown into the deepest part of Lake Erie if the Buckeyes win.

This decision is nothing but disappointing. The correct action was not taken by Meyer nor AD Gene Smith, and Zach Smith is walking free. Utterly disgraceful. The worst part, THE Ohio State University alums and deplorable fans will think of this as a redemption, act even more arrogant and be happy that the suspension is only 3 games long. They will ask for apologies from the AP for not ranking them higher. They will say Urban has morals and character and nobody should speak of it again. As a school that has no opportunity to beat Ohio State this year, I hope #16 TCU uses the Buckeyes as a doormat on September 15th.

If this happens at Illinois, Indiana or even Michigan, the coach is fired, I can guarantee you that.

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