Get Ready for Kinnick Voodoo Magic, Wisconsin vs. Iowa Scheduled for 7:30 PM Kickoff

If there is anything I like more than Illinois football is college football games of superstition. There is the Penn State white out, there is the 11 am November kickoffs in Evanston and then there is night games at Kinnick.

Since 2008 Iowa is 5-1 against Top 5 teams at Kinnick. Last year, Iowa beat #3 Ohio State by 31 points, in 2017 Penn State won as time expired and in 2015, #3 Michigan was beat by 2.

For Wisconsin, the best thing the Badgers have going for them is the AP rankings. After starting ranked 4th in the country, Wisconsin has fallen to 6th in the latest AP poll. The Badgers started off slow against Western Kentucky and New Mexico and didn’t impress the AP, who ranked Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio State in the Top 5.

Wisconsin plays BYU next week, can they make it back into the Top 5? The Kinnick Voodoo needs to return.

P.S. I will be at this game, well at the bars in Iowa City, with a hoard of Wisconsin fans. I will post full recap from my first trip to a B1G city other than Champaign. For instant reactions be sure to follow me on Twitter @MihirChavan_.

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