Illinois Not Being In The Bottom 25 Has Me Excited.

(CBS Sports)

When you talk about college football, you generally talk about the AP Top 25, and in a couple weeks, the CFP Top 25. But when Illinois has been as bad as it has been in the last couple years, I was used to see Illinois on the Bottom 25 list. But the Illini have turned it around and been off the list so far into the season. However, there are some surprises in the Bottom 25 after Week 5.

21. North Carolina (1-3)

North Carolina is 2 years after Mitch Trubisky and is really on this list due to the one bad loss to East Carolina. Suspensions otherwise, there are definitely 25 other teams that they can beat.

Chance for upset: None

13. Arkansas (1-4)

There is no reason a SEC team should be on this list. Yes they lost to CSU and North Texas, but the Razorbacks are still a SEC team. Arkansas still have winnable games against Tulsa and Vanderbilt and they just lost to Texas A&M by 7. Chad Morris has some work to do.

Chance for Upset: 10/6 vs #1 Alabama

9. Colorado State (1-4)

Colorado State had a pretty harsh OOC, playing two SEC teams. But they beat Arkansas in Fort Collins. With two easy games in the next two weeks, the Rams should be eyeing a game below .500 before they face Boise State.

Chance for Upset: 10/19 @ Boise State

3. UCLA (0-4)

UCLA has in probably the only team that should be out here. They have yet to earn a win and have lost each game by double digits. Last year Josh Rosen kept them in games, but their defense was atrocious. Without Rosen, the Bruins just can’t keep up.

Chance for Upset: 10/6 vs #10 Washington, 11/24 vs. #14 Stanford

2. Nebraska (0-4)

The Huskers are furious and the Nebraska football team is terrible. This is not the homecoming of Scott Frost that everybody wanted. I am the most confident in my Big 10 analysis and even Rutgers could beat Nebraska this year. A date with Wisconsin this week doesn’t seem too appealing.

Chance for Upset: 10/6 @ #16 Wisconsin

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