Who Still Has The Chance Of Making the CFP?

Ok so were doing lists today. But ESPN has a list that has me perplexed. Today, ESPN released the top 9 teams to make the playoff:

  1. Alabama: Duh
  2. Ohio State: Sure, but only if Urban Meyer isn’t allowed to show up
  3. Georgia: Happened last year and Jake Fromm is the man.
  4. Clemson: Kelly Bryant is gone, Trevor Lawrence is injured, but they still have Hunter Renfrow
  5. Notre Dame: If the Irish can be in this list, why can’t UCF
  6. Oklahoma: Kyle Murray is the man
  7. Penn State: After Illinois, I really don’t know. But they do have Trace McSorely
  8. Washington: How will #Pac12AfterDark affect the Huskies?
  9. Michigan: Too early to say.

In reality you have 5 power conference championships:

  • Wisconsin/Iowa vs. Ohio State/Michigan
  • Alabama/LSU vs Georgia/Kentucky
  • Clemson vs. Virginia Tech/Miami
  • Oklahoma vs. West Virginia
  • Washington vs. USC/Colorado

Now if any of these teams have more than 1 loss going into the conference championship, UCF and Notre Dame have a chance.

We all know Pac 12’s night games will hurt Washington. Kentucky is undefeated going into Week 6 and they could make the conference championship game if all goes according to plan and on that note, so is LSU.

There is a lot of football still to be played and a lot could happen, but this list is asinine and there are definitely at least 9 more teams that could make this list.


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