The Lane Kiffin Megateam Building at FAU Continues

Last week I blogged about the crazy team Lane Kiffin was building at FAU. This week, more news comes out from Boca Raton.

(Source: The Sun Sentenial)

AUGUST 21, 2017, 2:20 PM | BOCA RATON
Both Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator Kendal Briles have informally reached out to former Baylor coach Art Briles to assist with the Owls offense.
Art Briles, Kendal’s father, was fired at Baylor amid the sexual assault scandal that engulfed the school and alsocost the athletic director and president their jobs. Kendal is in his first year at FAU and brought his father’s uptempo scheme to Boca Raton.
On Sunday, Kendal said he talked with his father daily about both family and football. He said Art has not beenon the FAU campus. Florida Atlantic offensive coordinator Kendal Briles discusses his father, Art’s, role in helping the Owls offense.
“Obviously, he has ideas,” Kendal said. “He wants to know personnel and different guys and making sure we’re getting those guys in the right spots and getting them touches and all that stuff. He’s a football coach, that’s all he’s ever been. He’s definitely involved and we talk daily.”
Kendal said he’s sent film to Art before to help with the FAU offense. On Monday, Kiffin said he’s spoken with Art a couple times. “Obviously, he’s done unbelievable things on offense,” Kiffin said. “It’s his system that he started years and years ago. Every once in a while, I’ll text or call him and bounce something off of him.”
Art Briles was a head coach for 13 total years at Houston and Baylor. In each of his last five seasons at Baylor, his offense ranked in the top two nationally in total yards. It led the country from 2013-15.

Art Briles was no doubt one of the best coaches at Baylor, putting the scandal aside. He developed talents such as RG3 and coached some of Baylors best teams. As terrible as the scandal is at Baylor, there is no denying that Briles knows how to build a potent offence.

Looking at how Kendal Briles is building the offense and the talent FAU has, they could be surprisingly dominant. Boca Raton should be in for a rollercoaster of a season. This could get WILD. Week 3 against dominant Wisconsin should be a game to really test the Owls quilt of a team.

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