Oklahoma Loses as a Cyclone Strikes in Tornado Alley

IThere has been a huge shakeup in CFB as 6 top 25 teams lost this week and 2 top 10 teams lost in nail biters. Here is what I think the top 25 is going to look like after Week 6.

Number 1 Alabama finally got tested. After outscoring opponents 125-3 in the last 2 weeks, Alabama beat Texas A&M 27-19. Jalen Hurts led Alabama with 123 yards and 1 TD, his lowest of the season. Bama is still the best team in the country.

#2 Clemson also held strong, beating Wake Forest 28-14 and overcame a second half injury to QB Kelly Bryant. Clemson holds #2.

#3 Oklahoma lost a tough one to Iowa State. To close the game, ISU had 21 unanswered points and were led by 3rd string QB Kyle Kempt who had 343 yards and 3TDs. Oklahoma should fall to #9.

#4 Penn State dominated Northwestern, on a calm night by Heisman favorite Saquon Barkley. #5 Georgia ran past Vanderbilt with big nights from RBs Nick Chubb and Sony Michael. #6 Washington is just dominating Cal. All 3 move up one spot.

On a rainy night in Ann Arbor, #7 Michigan lost to Michigan State in the first night game for the Paul Bunyan Trophy. The Wolverines fall to #16.

#8 TCU overcame a 366 yard and 3TD night by Will Grier and beat #23 WVU 31-24. The Horned Frogs move up to #6. #9 Wisconsin beat Nebraska at home 38-17 and should move up to #7. #10 Ohio State dominated Maryland and moves up to #8.

#11 Wazzu and Mike Leach keep rolling. #12 Auburn finally has an offense. Both teams hold their position because #13 Miami beat Florida State as time expired and should move up to #10. #14 USC finally has a dominating night by Sam Darnold, who threw for 316 yards and 3 TDs. The Trojans move up to #13.

#15 OkSU has a bye and holds their position. #16 Virginia Tech beats BC 38-10 and moves to #14 in the ranks.

#17 Louisville falls to #25 NC State on a Thursday night game. They fall to #21. #18 USF has a bye and holds. #19 San Diego State holds on to beat UNLV and climbs to #17. #20 Utah falls to Stanford and #20 Florida lose to LSU at the Swamp. Both teams drops out of the rankings.

#21 Notre Dame handles a scrappy North Carolina team and moves up to #19. #23 WVU loses and drops out of the ranks. #24 NC State wins in dominating fashion to #17 Louisvile and rise to #20.

#25 UCF routes Cincinatti 51-23 on a 374 yard and 5 TD night by McKenzie Milton. The Knights who went 0-12 two years ago rise to #22.

Newcomers to the national rankings are Stanford, who beat #20 Utah, LSU who beat #21 Florida. The #25 spot could be Texas Tech, who beat Kansas 65-19.

However this speculation is only for the AP Top 25 poll. After Week 6, the CFP poll is released and we cold see a whole different rankings. The top 10 should be secure, but the rest are a toss up and are held to the discretion by the CFP committee.

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