The 10 Best Juke Moves in College Football

10. Auburn WR Sammie Coates slams TAMU defender to get a first down.

9. Cal WR DeSean Jackson jukes every single one of Tennessee’s defenders.

8. Back in ’97, Florida WR Ike Hillard jukes 2 FSU defenders.

7. Penn State RB Saquon Barkley does 3 Iowa defenders dirty.

6. Georgia RB Sony Michel breaks a UNC defenders ankles.

5. USC RB Reggie Bush ruins a kid’s night on the sidelines.

4. Alabama RB Trent Richardson drops Ole Miss defender to the ground.

3. Virginia Tech WR Cam Phillips jukes 2 Notre Dame defenders.

2. Clemson RB CJ Spiller Torches Georgia Tech on the Sideline

1. WR/QB Braxton Miller was too good to just have 1 good juke at Ohio State.

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