Does Oregon Have The Biggest O-Line in CFB History?

Back in the day of Chip Kelly, Oregon was knows for their fast moving attack, but their new coach, Mario Cristobal seems to have a different priorities.

Oregon’s 2018 line has an average weight of 364 pounds.

oregon fattys

So that really prompts the question. What were some of the biggest offensive lines last year?

Mizzou took the crown with the starting linemen averaging 328 pounds. The Tigers went 7-6 but were 14th in scoring at 37.5 points per game with 4012 passing yards, 2516 rushing yards and 60 TDs. The line also allowed only 13 sacks and a league best 37 tackles for loss on the season.

The biggest lineman last year was Raquan Thomas from UMass who weighed 392 lbs. at 6′ 5″.

However, size does not mean greatness the best teams from 2017’s preseason rankings  were

1) Alabama – 6’4.8″ – 314 lbs.
2) Florida State – 6’5.8″ – 313.4 lbs.
3) Ohio State – 6’5.2″ – 308.4 lbs.
4) Oklahoma – 6’4.4″ – 324.2 lbs.
5) USC – 6’3.6 ” – 296 lbs (below average)

So what does this mean for Oregon? They definitely won’t be rushing up the field to make that last second field goal, moving 1700 pounds down the field may just start the next San Andreas earthquake. Expect Oregon to slow the pace down if they want to win the fast paced West Coast football game.

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